User Reviews

“I truly love this deck. The artwork is beautiful and unlike any other cards today, the way the photography and other elements blend so well together, it’s truly a work of art. It’s what makes your deck stand out. Amazing work!!

Other than the artwork, what also make this deck stand apart from others is that the deck encourages you to use your intuition.The imagery allows you to learn how to speak through the cards and work with your guides to strengthen that connection. I’ve been working with the tarot for over 20 years, I don’t like many oracle decks as most don’t speak to me. But, this deck not only speaks, it inspires, insights and provokes a conversation. I’m looking forward to purchasing the limited edition cards to add my personal touch to what I want in a deck.”  ~ Marjorie Whitcher

“I not only adore the deck because it is from a wonderful artist that inspires me, but as a useful deck that defines the meanings for each person very clearly. The readings are very spiritual with these treasures.” ~Marilu Petroni

“I was reading the cards for a friend who had lost her daughter and explained to her that I was not a medium, but a card reader. At the end of the session I said to her look, I will see if I can pick up any messages from the cards, using the Oracle Tarot Cards. Wow, did she come through! We got the Protection Card, Self Care, Haunted, Fortune Teller and Anger/Frustration. I explained to my friend that her daughter was nearby and watching over her and her grandaughter, (Protection, Haunted) and wanted to make contact but knew she would be frightened by this (the fortune teller), which she confirmed. The daughter also confirmed what we had already discussed in the reading about the querant needing to start looking after herself and putting herself first sometimes. She then told her not to lose her temper (as my friend is in custody battles over her grandaughter) and this is something she has to work out… the calm, logical approach has been working and her daughter is scared she might lose her cool. Well all this just flowed from a glance at the cards and I have never experienced this before. I had shivers through my body! I am off to order some more Limited Edition cards! Thank you Renee!” ~ Lisa Lachmund

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