Tips & Techniques

Tips & Techniques


Quantum physics & Spirit Guides:

Sometimes, when new to giving a reading, it can seem a little scary… you might hear a little voice in your head saying “what if I am wrong?”. If you clear the deck, and use your intuition when shuffling and reading.. you should be just fine! Always tell people to take it with a grain of salt, readings aren’t always 100% right on. Sometimes we can percieve information incorrectly, or our assumptions and ego can step in. The cards will help you develop your intuition and you will get better over time. After a while you will discover that quantam physics is landing the cards right where they should be. And learning to hear/see/feel from your spirit guides and percieving messages correctly is what can make you a good reader. Dont be afraid, trust in your intution!

Clearing the Deck:

It is always good to clear the energy from from previous readings. Each time I use my deck, I go through and turn each card right side up. And before every reading, I always give it a good shuffle, using my intuition to tell me when to stop.

Shuffling & Getting Reverse Cards:

Once I have finished shuffling I ask the person I am reading to cut the deck into three. Usually I turn the middle stack upside-down and this is how to get reverse cards. At this point I shuffle, or have the person shuffle and then finish by cutting the deck. From there, I start with the top card. Some readers feel that reverse meanings are negative and choose not to read that way… but the nature of this deck is to be blunt, and you will find that reverse meanings are absolutely necessary. *demonstrated in “Intro, Tips & Techniques and Sample Reading” video below.

Flipping over the cards:

The way you flip over the cards can change whether it comes out reversed or not.  I personally believe that they land how and where they are supposed to. But if you feel you would like to read them right side up, that is part of trusting your intuition.

Do I read the right side up to me (the reader) or to the client?

Always read right side up to you, the reader. You can pick cards up to show the person you are reading. Some people describe the
cards before saying what it means… but I usually don’t unless they give me a look like, how did you know that? Then I show them it is in the cards, or what I saw in the cards;)

Horizontal Cards: 

I always turn the horizontal card to a horizontal position right side up to me (the reader).

Relationship with the cards:

After a while, you will build a relationship with the cards…. you will feel connected. Back to spirit guides… I think once they know what these cards mean to you, it will be a lot easier for them to convey messages. If your not shy, I highly recommend that you have an out-loud conversation with them regarding the meanings to the cards.


Meanings can change depending on surrounding cards and also your intuition.  Trusting your intuition can help develop your Clairsenses.

Oracle Spreads: 

You can use any sort of tarot spreads that you like… the most common one that I use is past present future, laying three cards across two to three times (refer to image at top of page). You can also use the same lay out as a grid, and read it as the person is the card in the middle, and all surrounding cards are things going on. I will come back to develop this topic more soon.



Brief Meanings (For basic set of 50 cards)  (shown with smaller size travel deck)

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