Limited Edition Cards

Limited edition cards are created for the purpose of adding to or customizing your oracle deck. I am always continuing to create images, and turning them into cards! 

Available cards are $2 each and may be purchased through my Etsy Shop


(Below) Limited Edition Cards 1-6: Fire Dancer, Mask, Woman and Skeleton, Aura, Spell (sold out), Dark Angel

Printed 50 times each. 

VIDEO: Possible meanings: Fire Dancer,  Woman and Skeleton, Aura, Dark Angel



(Below) Limited Edition Cards 7-10: Butterfly, HollyKing, Universal Energy, Wine Goddess

Printed 50 times each

VIDEO: Possible meanings: Butterfly, Holly King, Universal Energy, Wine Goddess



(Below) Limited Edition Cards 11-12: 4 elements, Lizard Man. Created in remembrance of  Russ Lyman (one of my best friends)

Printed 100 times each



(Below) Limited Edition Cards 13-18: Red:Zombies, Orange:Childhood, Yellow:Ammonite, Green:Buddha, Blue:Church, Purple:Woman

Printed 100 times each



(Below) Limited Edition Card 19: Black

Printed 50 times each



(Below) Limited Edition Cards 20-22: Searching for Higher Self, Red Crow, Ghost

Printed 50 times each


(Below) Limited Edition Cards 23-30 (last ones for this deck) – Printed 50 times each



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