This is a self published, non traditional oracle card deck by Renee Keith. Some cards are horizontal. Images are all created by Renee Keith with mixed mediums including digital photography, image transfers, paintings, ink, and digital editing. The symbolism can mean different things to different people, so there is no wrong or right way to read the cards. just use your intuition!


Original Thoughts and Post:

Oracle Tarot ~ Crows

October 6th 2011: I have always had a major fascination with tarot/inspirational/oracle cards… and I love collecting different decks as well. One of my favorites is the Lo Scarabeo Dream Deck. I’ve thought about designing my own deck for a while now, and finally got around to making my first card today. The cards are not going to be traditional at all… it will be more like inspiration cards and I will be breaking the unwritten rule of keeping them all vertical. Final images will be mixed mediums including all of my own photography, paintings, photo transfers,  ink, digital photography & digital editing, etc.  


Making of the cards:

217678_133819396760671_319673632_nAll cards are made from Renee Keith’s photography and/or artwork. After a photo shoot, or photo of the art piece, she will print the digital image onto rice paper using an inkjet printer. Then images are transferred to watercolor paper and photographed again. From there, both images will be opened in Photoshop, overlaid on top of each other so that fine detail can be brought back in focus areas. If you look carefully at the image below, you will see the wrinkles and paper texture as well as the face being crisp showing the fine detail of the original image.

Oracle Tarot Limited Edition Card~ Dark Angel

Oracle Tarot Limited Edition Card~ Dark Angel

The Bags:

The bags are also made by Renee Keith. A select image is printed onto transfer paper then ironed on cotton fabric. Buttons are usually  found at vintage stores, gem fairs, or purchased at Hobby Lobby. You can purchase a bag separate upon request.

Oracle Tarot by Renee Keith

Oracle Tarot by Renee Keith

Oracle Tarot by Renee Keith

Oracle Tarot by Renee Keith

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